In an extraordinary partnership with the City of New York, MCC Theater is building a home of our own to enrich our programming with more productions of new plays on two stages, increase play development for emerging and established playwrights, and expand education and outreach programs for New York City's youth.

Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

Marianne and Steve Mills

Ruth and Harold Newman

Honorary Co-Chairs

Judith Light

Julianna Margulies

Artistic Directors

Robert LuPone

Bernard Telsey

William Cantler

Executive Director

Blake West

Board of Directors

Susan Raanan

Harold Newman
Vice Chair

Marianne Mills

Melvin Epstein

Marjorie Altschuler

Javan Bunch

William Cantler

Susan Frankel

Gail Furman

Judith A. Garson

Cathy Glaser

Peter Hedges

Judith Light

Robert LuPone

Julianna Margulies

Piper Perabo

Erik Piecuch

Kristine Louis Reynal

Steve Richardson

Barbara Shulman

Nico Sidoti

Stephen Sills

Marilyn Sobel

Sheila Steinberg

Bernard Telsey

Lois Weinroth

Blake West

Janine Safer Whitney

 “With all that MCC Theater has contributed to New York’s—even the world’s—theatrical community, imagine what we could do, the impact we will have, with a home of our own. A single place to connect all the dots of MCC’s great work.”

– Peter Hedges, Founding Member, Playwright,
Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter, MCC Theater Board Member

For the first time under one roof:

Annual Productions

Enrich our programming with more productions of new plays on two stages. 

Development of New Work

Expand PlayLabs program and other play and musical development initiatives to provide the necessary tools to foster vital new playwrights and important new work.


Education and Outreach Programs

Strengthen our existing education programs that provide students the opportunity to find their own unique voice through performance, playwriting, master classes, and career and college mentorship.