“Avalon Clinton is New York’s next great theater complex and an important addition to the cultural vibrancy of the West Side. MCC Theater’s future neighbors and partners will benefit greatly by engaging with the artists and audiences that will be drawn to this vital, cutting-edge location.”

– Joe Restucia, Clinton Housing Development Company

Only a 10 minute walk from the ACE and 123 Subways

Restaurants Near the Theater

There are more than 20 restaurants in immediate proximity the new MCC Theater complex.
Below are just a few of the numerous bars and restaurants in our new location on Manhattan’s West Side:

  1. Taboon
  2. La Bergamote Patisserie
  3. il Melograno
  4. il Baretto Cafe and Wine Bar
  5. PJ Bricks
  6. Caselulla Cheese and Wine Cafe
  7. Steechino
  8. Bocca di Bacco
  9. Eatery NYC
  10. LA Silhouette
  11. Azure Cafe
  12. Print